Spring 2014

Nil 9 ©2012: Steve Macleod.


31.05.2014 at 11am

A series of large format landscapes by:

Steve Macleod

This series of 16 large format landscapes was commissioned in 2012 by the Scottish Parliament. "Nil" echoes the census return of so many remote Highland settlements after World War 1 - all able-bodied young men went to war and in many cases none returned. Without them, whole families migrated away from the land and entire communities simply ceased to be viable.

Macleaod took his inspiration for these dramatic images - which he has created over a number of years - from the literary works of one of the most influential Scottish writers of the early twentieth century, Neil M Gunn, another native of Caithness. The images document a journey through the rural landscape of the Highlands - a glimpse at the last remnants of a way of life that has probably disappeared forever.

Nil 6 ©2012: Steve Macleod.